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Covered vs. Uncovered Outdoor Living Spaces

top backyard landscape elements

Outdoor living areas create a relaxing space for the family to hang out in comfort, and they increase the aesthetic appeal and value of your home. One should opt for neutral color palettes before designing your patio and select durable furniture that is low maintenance. To make your outdoor spaces stand out from the rest, you need to take a few options into consideration: (more…)

5 Hot Outdoor Space Accessories

5 Hot Outdoor Space Accessories | Hittle Landscaping

Outdoor living spaces are an extension of your home. This highlights the significance of ensuring that they are livable just like any indoor room in your home. To achieve this, you can incorporate certain accessories, which go a long way in enhancing your outdoor living experience. The following are 5 of the most suitable accessories that you should consider incorporating in your outdoor space ideas.


7 Things to Plan for Before a Landscape Project

Planning Before a Landscape Project | Hittle Landscape

Starting a landscape project is probably one of the most rewarding things that you can ever do. Nonetheless, you are likely to be overwhelmed by the number of decisions that you are required to make in the course of the project. Here are seven of the most significant things to plan for before embarking on a landscape project. (more…)

Light Up the Night!

As our gardens are well into their sabbatical during these long winter months, it can be a sad state of affairs.  A sunny day in winter is cause for celebration, but we must be quick to enjoy it.  It’s getting dark around 4pm, and is still dark at 7am – however we don’t have to live on that schedule.  Make plans to light up the night! (more…)

Grab a Blanket and Stay Outside!


As the nights grow longer and the days get cooler you may find yourself indoors more often – but we’re here to show you all the ways to extend your enjoyment of your outdoor living space through the end of the year.

Bring on the heat!  This is the key element to creating an enjoyable space that transcends the seasons.  What’s better than sitting around the fire pit with your loved ones? Or relaxing in front of a fireplace after a long day’s work?  Fire features come in many shapes and sizes – the sky is truly the limit to your imagination when it comes to creating these beautiful focal points of your outdoor living area.  Do you prefer the ease and convenience of a gas-fueled fire feature?  Or do you find satisfaction in building a wood-burning fire to heat up the chilly air?  Pull architectural interest from your house into these features for a seamless look, or go with a contrasting accent (copper!) to highlight this patio icon.

Create an even cozier space by enveloping the area around your fire feature with a covered structure.  They’re the perfect partner to fireplaces, retaining heat and offering a comforting balance to the great outdoors.  With accent lighting and the ability to be used during the least ideal conditions, covered structures allow you to extend the use of your fire feature even further.  Create “walls” using fabric to keep the heat in and add an element of privacy to your new space.

Excited at the possibilities?  We’re here to help!  Contact us to get started on your project, and you’ll soon be enjoying the warmth of a fire in the fresh autumn air.