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Pet-Friendly Backyards

Pet-Friendly Backyard Landscaping Tips

Dogs need time to play to be happy and healthy. When deciding the layout of your outdoor space, consider pet-friendly backyard landscaping. This will allow both you and your dog to have an area that is enjoyable to spend time in as you de-stress from hectic day-to-day life. With a little planning, you can have a yard that is both a showpiece and pet-friendly. (more…)

Grilling Recipes for the Perfect Outdoor Meal

Outdoor Grill Recipes in Indianapolis

There is no better way of spending a summer afternoon than cooking a favorite meal in your beautiful outdoor living space. The splendid warm days that characterize summer shouldn’t end without preparing and sharing something fresh from the grill with your friends and family members. As mouthwatering as a steak or hot dog may be, however, have you ever found yourself without that perfect dinner idea that is both easy and sure to impress an audience? Try these recipes for sweet cola ribs and party poppers at your next summer barbecue. (more…)

Considerations for Hiring a Landscaper

Hittle Top Landscaper Indianapolis


Are you considering a landscaping project this summer? The quality of landscaping work that will be undertaken on your garden depends on the expertise of the landscape contractor that you hire. As easy as it might be to simply open the yellow pages, a premium should be placed on doing your homework before hiring professionals. Just like with other home contractors, landscaping firms have different levels of experience and skill sets. Here are a few considerations that you should look out for when picking the team to give your garden a face lift. (more…)

Low Maintenance Ornamentals

Low Maintenance Lawn ornamentals

Having a garden shouldn’t be an expensive affair. This is because you have the option of having low maintenance plants in your garden. Typically, such plants bloom longer besides flowering repeatedly. They similarly produce enough seedheads and foliage, which means that having them in your garden increases your home’s aesthetic value significantly. The following are some low maintenance ornamental plants that you should consider for your garden. (more…)

7 Things to Plan for Before a Landscape Project

Planning Before a Landscape Project | Hittle Landscape

Starting a landscape project is probably one of the most rewarding things that you can ever do. Nonetheless, you are likely to be overwhelmed by the number of decisions that you are required to make in the course of the project. Here are seven of the most significant things to plan for before embarking on a landscape project. (more…)

Low Maintenance Plants for Summer

Low Maintenance Plants for Summer | Hittle Landscaping

Watering, pruning, fertilizing, and pest control play a significant role as far as the health of your garden plants is concerned. By having reliable, beautiful, and low maintenance plants in your garden, you are guaranteed a healthy-looking garden throughout summer. Nonetheless, much focus has been on easy lawn care tips, something that makes many homeowners forget about plants that can thrive during summer. The following are low maintenance plants that can give your lawn that evergreen appearance throughout summer. (more…)

Summer Annuals – Immediate Satisfaction for Color Cravings

Every summer you’d think a paint store exploded over everyone’s porch and patio areas.  We can’t help but spend a hefty amount of cash on those colorful plants that thrive in the summer because they give us what we really want at this time of year – immediate color satisfaction. 

May and June are the optimal time to plant summer annuals, with consistent care they will last well into September, and even October, depending on our early fall weather.  It is so tempting to buy and plant annuals too early in the spring. For our region, professionals recommend waiting until at least April 15 to do so and then keep a close eye on the local weather forecasts for any frost alerts so that you can protect your annuals should a cold front move in. (more…)