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    3 Things to Consider When Hiring a Commercial Landscape Company

    Tasked with hiring a commercial landscape company for your business, commercial property or HOA? Follow these guidelines from Indianapolis landscaper Hittle Landscaping for a successful partnership. After you’ve read through these best practices, call us for your complimentary consultation.

    Clear Scope of Work

    From the beginning, there must be a clear understanding of the project goals, execution and timeline. Every commercial landscape company contract should have a point of contact and a backup, along with an agreed-upon communication plan.

    Do you prefer phone communication or do you like to receive texts or email updates you can read at your leisure? Are you someone who needs reports to share with others, such as a board or council members? Be sure to clearly define what communication means to you and how often you need to receive it.

    Every contract from an established commercial landscape company should explain precisely which services are included, whether it’s a design and construction project or basic commercial landscaping maintenance.

    Make sure there’s also a clear understanding of who is responsible for what and what delays or changes mean to the timeline and costs. A professional commercial landscape company addresses all of these issues concisely and neatly. Does the contract look drafted on the back of a fast food napkin? You can expect similar regard for your project.

    Scope of Work Matches Budget

    Be mindful of assumptions. Make sure every bid and contract accounts for the appropriate number of personnel and time. Does the project require permits? If so, does the contract account for the cost? Are there any other miscellaneous services you need as part of the job?

    Most importantly, the quote must align with the scope of work. If it seems outlandishly low, ask. Did they leave something off or are they underbidding in an attempt to secure the job?

    Commercial Landscape Company and Personnel Are Qualified

    At a minimum, a professional commercial landscaping company must be certified, licensed, insured and bonded for all work. Beyond this, longtime employees with diverse skills and experience are best when you bring various projects together such as irrigation, outdoor lighting and masonry.

    Ready to Hire a Commercial Landscape Company – Call Hittle Landscaping

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