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    3 Amazing Commercial Landscape Designs to Wow Your Customers

    Commercial landscape designs have more power than a person may realize. It is similar to the attributes of “curb appeal” preached constantly on various house-hunting-type shows.

    Professional landscape designs for your business, school or hotel enhance your brand, provide a contrast to or accentuate the building structure and frame your property. Just like with a residential property, if the lawn is overgrown or choked with weeds or if the trees look dead or infested with pests it suggests the commercial property is neglected.

    This first impression can quickly attach itself to your business and your regard for customers or guests. At Hittle Landscaping, we work with commercial clients to plan four-season landscape designs to welcome customers, patients or guests.

    Thoughtful and well-tended landscape designs reinforce the brand and assure visitors you take quality and the customer experience seriously.

    Professional Landscape Designs are Assets

    To paraphrase fashion legend Coco Chanel, “Dress shabbily and they remember the clothes. Dress well and they remember the person.” At Hittle Landscaping, we submit the same could be said for landscape designs.

    If the landscaping around a commercial property is neat, inviting, functional and interesting, it allows visitors to instead focus on the reason for the visit.

    The care you’ve exhibited for the external piece of your commercial property extends to the customer experience and encourages trust.

    #1 Landscape Designs Idea – See the Big Picture

    Why are guests there? Are your stakeholders patients, students, consumers or guests? What are they looking for? Why are they coming to your property?

    When we plan commercial landscape designs, we ask these questions so we can address every need – maybe even some property owners are unaware of.  Don’t worry, it’s part of our job to think of these things.

    If your property is a hotel, a hospital, medical center or a university, your landscape may be a respite, as well as a beautiful frame for your building.

    Will your property be used for recreation of any sort? Perhaps there should be winding paths and carefully-placed benches for reflection or conversation.

    The full view also reveals overlooked withered plants or trees. When we evaluate a property for landscape designs, we’ll see what’s adding to and what’s taking away from the current picture. This perspective often provides simple but impactful ideas.

    #2 Landscape Designs Idea – Get Granular

    In our role as professionals, we evaluate every property for the big and the small things. Is the turf weedy? Are there plants spreading beyond their beds? Are the hardscapes uneven, cracked or even hazardous?

    When we provide landscape designs, we take everything into account. Beauty, function and practicality. For example, professional edging often makes a world of difference.

    What may have appeared haphazard in between mowings and other landscaping maintenance, now looks polished and professional. When weeds are under control, it conveys the message your business is in control and will take good care of your needs as well.

    #3 Landscape Designs Idea – Refresh with Color

    Wake up any existing landscape design with a pop of color. Perhaps you incorporate the colors of your logo or colors imbibed with the feelings you wish to represent.

    Another idea is to follow trends, such as the current Pantone Color of the Year. Announced annually in December, the 2018 Color, “Ultra Violet,” is a deep, luxurious purple. Why not echo the color consumers see in new fashion and homegoods?

    Sometimes a new flowering bush or a new floral installation reinvigorates the look of your property and gives returning guests something new to see.

    Hittle Provides Polished, Professional Landscape Designs

    Whether you’re interested in residential or commercial, we’re eager to get to know you and your landscaping needs. We bring more than 40 years of expertise in thoughtful landscaping, design and lighting to create something extraordinary for you and your business.

    Locally-owned and operated, Hittle Landscaping applies our trademark attention to detail to all challenges. Interested in professional landscape designs for your property? Call today for a complimentary design consultation with our team.

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