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    4 Curb Appeal Tips From Your Landscape Designer

    Whether it’s a first date or a job interview, you get one first impression. One of the popular topics with clients and their landscape designer at Hittle Landscaping is creating welcoming spaces. You may plan to keep your home forever and haven’t concerned yourself with curb appeal.

    However, even if you’re not thinking of reselling, you should be “welcomed” home every time you pull in the driveway. Let’s break down some advice on creating an inviting property with these four curb appeal tips.

    Landscape Designer Tip – Lighting

    Easily overlooked, outdoor lighting brings additional sophistication to your home. An intelligent lighting design features architecture elements, landscaping and greets guests. It’s also a strong safety feature. You can use a combination of outdoor fixtures, pathway, entryway and landscaping lighting.

    Outdoor lighting adds to your home’s security while pathway lights act as “task lighting” in many ways. Guests are less likely to trip or fall when the path, including any steps, are well-lit.

    If you are interested in eco-friendly products or want to avoid the logistics of hard-wiring, solar models are available. These, of course, work best when exposed to full sun during the day. Be advised, they are generally less bright than the hard-wired versions.   

    Landscape Designer Tip – Easy Maintenance Plants

    Most buyers aren’t looking for “projects.” Homebuyers are consciously or subconsciously looking for a home to enjoy. Anything which screams “work,” may be a turn-off. Keep this in mind with plant selection, especially around the front of the home.

    You may love cultivating roses or rare orchids. Leave it to a hobby area, like behind the home or a courtyard. The front should showcase the home and allow for easy care so it stays neat. A plan from a landscape designer helps address these issues from the beginning.

    Be upfront about the amount of maintenance you plan to do. If you’re comfortable investing in a professional landscape maintenance team, say so. It’s impractical for a landscape designer to build a plan incongruent with your maintenance capacity.

    Landscape Designer Tip – Simplicity

    You’ve heard the expression, “it’s the little things.” It’s true, sometimes, small details make a big difference. If you’re evaluating new hardscapes like sidewalks or pathways, consider widening them.

    This makes it easy for two people to walk side-by-side. If you have a frequent visitor who needs assistance or anticipate an older relative living with you someday, this is a smart design choice.

    In addition, it’s easy for us to become accustomed to worn items over time. Imagine what these details tell others.

    Simple Fixes

    • Clean and paint or restain the front door. Depending on its age and exposure to the elements, your front door may be ready for a refresh.
    • Evaluate your door hardware. Is it tarnished or dated? If you typically come into the house from the garage you may not have noticed it lately. Think of it as your home’s handshake and make it a winner.
    • Replace worn doormats.
    • Is the paint peeling on the mailbox? Don’t forget, this is part of your curb appeal too!

    Landscape Designer Tip – Natural-Looking

    In certain parts of the world, brightly-painted homes are part of the culture. If you plan on living in your home indefinitely, feel free to enjoy a full palette of colors. If your HOA takes issue, or if you prefer a moderate midwestern feel, choose natural tones.

    We suggest you take a page from Mother Nature. Neutral stone greys and whites are always in fashion. Green is now considered a neutral. Just be sure you’re complimenting instead of camouflaging your home.

    If you plan to repaint your home, consult with your landscape designer. We can make recommendations based on your landscape design. Hardscapes and softscapes can enhance a paint color.

    If the home is placed in a wooded, shady spot, certain colors look garish compared to a home which receives more direct sun.

    Take Advantage of Hittle’s Complimentary Consultation.

    You may plan to list your home in the next 12 months. Maybe you’re planning your dream home. Regardless, we’re eager to get to know you and your landscaping needs. We bring more than 40 years of expertise in thoughtful landscaping, lighting and design to create something extraordinary for you.

    Locally-owned and operated, Hittle Landscaping applies our trademark attention to detail to any challenge. To explore curb appeal ideas for your property, call today for a consultation with a professional landscape designer.

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