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    4 Great Paver Patio Ideas

    A perennially-popular choice, a paver patio is a great custom solution. Pavers install quickly and their diverse range of shapes and colors allow for striking patterns. You may choose to use them for a large project or to add some “wow” to a smaller space. At Hittle Landscaping, we hear many requests for this hardscape element. Let’s review some ideas to provide a bit of inspiration. At Hittle Landscaping, we transform dreams into reality for clients every day.

    Paver Patio Idea #1 – Modern Rustic

    If you love English cottage gardens with a modern sensibility, you may enjoy a casually rustic look. Interlocking pavers may be used to create a curving path to a seating area. Incorporate natural materials like river stones. Evoke a cobblestone or brick road aesthetic. Grab some tea, relax with a Jane Austen novel or watch reruns of “Fixer Upper” on your tablet.

    Paver Patio Idea #2 – Southwest Sunset

    The earthy tones of terracotta are an obvious choice for a Southwestern paver patio. However, there are more options. Use brick or flagstone. If you prefer a simple and welcoming look, break up the materials to suggest a hardscape built over time and generations. Going for more of a chic look? Opt for smooth, big pavers in an orderly design.  

    Paver Patio Idea #3 – Sophisticated Slate

    Lean toward sleek, cool and modern designs? You may prefer the reserved elegance of slate and symmetrical designs. Go for all one color in larger tiles or use variations to create layers of color. Use the tones of dark gray to almost black to accentuate your furnishings or dramatic plantings.  

    Paver Patio Idea #4 – Eclectic

    Want something truly different? One trend is to incorporate recycled materials, from signage or other vintage sources. Marry the upcycled elements into asymmetrical chunks of slate, for example. Create a mosaic with multi-colored American flagstone. The result could be a reflection of your favorite things, a personal motto or a modern-day family crest. The possibilities are endless!  

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