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    4 Tips for a Stylish Garden Landscape Design

    At Hittle Landscaping, we love meeting with clients to explore ideas for a new garden landscape design. Whether you’re building your dream home or are unsure of what to do with an existing space, we’re up for the challenge.

    One of the reasons we love gardens is because they make life better. They create new living spaces, improve air quality and relax us with nature’s color and wildlife.

    Here are six tips when you begin your research and contemplation of what you want from your garden landscape design.

    1st Tip for a Stylish Garden Landscape Design

    Understand the principles of garden landscape design and how they complement the architecture of your residence. In eastern tradition, for example, layouts reflect natural elements and symbolize the natural world.

    Shapes are often irregular, curved and use groups of odd numbers. Natural materials such as water, gravel, rocks and weathered wood often play a large part.

    In contrast are the symmetrical patterns and straight lines of western traditions. Just as it would be strange to furnish a Frank Lloyd Wright home with gilded Louis XIV furniture, your garden landscape design should echo and complement your residence.

    Creativity is encouraged and most certainly, it must reflect you, just keep the relationship between house and garden in mind. This is especially important if you plan to sell in the next few years.

    2nd Tip for Stylish Garden Landscape Design Plans

    What’s the garden’s purpose? In the most general sense, gardens serve one or more purposes. The garden landscape design may be to visually please the owner, provide food or to extend the living space.

    When conferring with your garden landscape design pro, be sure to talk through how you plan to use the garden.

    Do you have large windows with nothing to showcase? Are you looking for a large recreational or play space? Do you aspire to explore a new hobby like organic gardening or cooking?

    3rd Tip for Creating a Stylish Garden Landscape Design

    Carefully think through hardscapes. The materials, shape, composition and scale greatly influence the look and function of your garden landscape design.

    Do you plan to age in place or share your residence with an elderly relative? Consider details like trip hazards, accessibility or even the width of a path or sidewalk. A four-foot wide path allows two people to walk abreast, for example.

    Are there technical issues such as drainage, to address? A retaining wall or pond may be in order.

    4th Tip for Garden Landscape Design Success

    Understand your micro-climate. Whether your property is small or extensive, it has distinct features. This may include changes in elevation, areas of sun and shade, soil conditions or existing mature trees.

    With your landscaping design professionals guidance, this is evaluated when you plan. Trees may need to be removed or significantly pruned. The soil composition may dictate the types of plants you choose.

    You may have your heart set on a certain flower. Unless it’s compatible with your soil, moisture and temperature conditions, it will not be successful.

    Are there assets nearby to accentuate? It may not even be on your property but within view. Sometimes these “bonus” assets create wonderful composition opportunities.  

    Before You Plan Your Garden Landscape Design – Talk to Hittle Landscaping

    Whether you’re interested in residential or commercial, we’re eager to get to know you and your garden landscape design needs. We bring more than 40 years of expertise in thoughtful lighting, landscaping and design to create something extraordinary for you.

    Locally-owned and operated, Hittle Landscaping applies our trademark attention to detail to all challenges. Interested in the expertise from our team for your garden landscape design? Call today for a complimentary design consultation with our team.

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