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    5 Commercial Landscape Contract Musts

    A commercial landscape contract is a lifesaver as a business owner. Your property is maintained and presents a professional appearance and you do not have to do a thing. That is, if you have a great landscaper and contract.

    So what are some things you should consider when negotiating your contract? We have pulled together the top five most important topics to discuss with your commercial landscape company and have some tips for how to include them in your commercial landscape contract.


    Regular, scheduled mowing keeps your lawn in prime shape all the time. Often the exterior of your facility is the first or only impression potential customers have of your business. You want to ensure that what they see represents the best in your company.

    Having a mowing schedule reduces your work, because there are no calls to make – you just have a freshly mowed lawn regularly.

    Lawn Treatments

    Reducing weeds and fertilizing your lawn is an important step in maintaining a lush and attractive appearance. These treatments are a year-round process and should be considered an integral part of any landscape contract. Discuss what treatments will be used, what order they will be used, and how frequently they will be used.

    Flowers and Beds

    The most attractive part of any landscaping is the beds and flowers. You may know exactly what you want, or you may need your landscaping company to redesign each spring. Regardless of your needs, you should include flowers and beds in your commercial landscape contract.

    Tree Care

    Depending on the abilities of your landscaping company, you may want to include tree care in your commercial landscape contract. Services you may consider are pruning, fertilizing, and tree removal.

    Pruning keeps your trees healthy, but it also removes dead or dying branches that could pose a danger to those on your property.

    Fertilizing your trees keeps them strong and healthy. It also provides an opportunity to check the trees for diseases and pests that might be infecting the tree.

    Trash Pickup, Irrigation, Leaf Removal

    When negotiating your commercial landscape contract there are some other services that you may want to discuss with your provider. Some companies offer trash pickup, irrigation services, and fall leaf removal.

    If your facility is in a high traffic area, you may often have trash lying along the exterior of your property. This is unsightly and presents a bad impression to your clients. While maintaining the landscaping, some companies will also pick up and dispose of any trash lying on your property.

    Whether you have an irrigation system that needs to be winterized and then restarted in the spring, or you only want your beds watered, often commercial landscape companies offer this service.

    Most companies will offer fall cleanup or leaf removal as part of a commercial landscape contract. Negotiating this at the beginning of the contract year will help ensure your property is taken care of when the fall weather arrives.

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