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    5 Tricks to Keeping Patio Furniture Looking New

    Sunshine and fair weather have a way of calling us to the great outdoors. There is a certain indescribable pleasure in sinking back into a lounge chair under dappled sunlight as birds sing in the trees.

    Nothing can ruin the moment. Nothing maybe except rusted, frayed and dirty patio furniture.

    Keep it Looking Like New

    The smell of mold, mildew and grime make patio furniture unpleasant to use or even to touch. Rusted and splintered parts can snag, scratch and tear skin and clothing.

    Outdoor furniture is an investment. It pays to take care of it. Here are a few ways to protect lawn furniture and keep it looking like new.

    Use Landscape Design

    Weather can be harsh. Frigid winters and hot, humid summers take their toll on any exposed furniture. Landscape design that includes a covered outdoor space will naturally prolong the life of patio furniture. Covered gazebos and deck ceilings are excellent ways to enjoy the outdoors while protecting your furniture and guests from the elements.

    Keep it Clean

    There is no way around it. Outdoor lawn furniture gets dirty and occasional cleaning is a necessity.

    Twice a year should do it — in the spring before the outdoor season is in full swing and again in the fall. Here are some tips for cleaning patio furniture:

    • Use mild soap and plenty of water to wash and rinse hard surfaces.
    • Wicker furniture made from rattan or another natural material can also be cleaned with mild soap and water or you may prefer to use a product designed for cleaning wood.
    • Vacuum dust from cushions and hose them off, using a little soap and water, use a nylon brush on any stains.

    Don’t Put Off Repairs

    Let’s face it, no matter what you do to protect lawn furniture, the elements and regular use will take their toll. Don’t put off repairs. They can mount up quickly, especially with an active family. Mend fabric tears and fix broken parts when they happen so they don’t become bigger problems later.

    Protect with Wax

    Metal furniture will eventually show signs of rust, especially in high humidity. Use a wire brush or bit of sand paper to lightly remove rust.

    Apply a light coat of paste wax. Automobile wax works well and will protect metal parts the way it does your car.

    Store in the Off-Season

    At the end of the season, be sure and protect lawn furniture by placing it in a dry place. At the minimum, remove cushions and store them until spring. If storage space is limited, consider purchasing a watertight deck box to keep them out of the weather.

    Preserve the investment you’ve made in your landscape design. With a little attention, you can protect your lawn furniture, keeping it fresh and clean looking for years to come.

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