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    6 Hamilton County Landscape Design Trends in 2018

    More and more homeowners want to enhance outdoor spaces with current design. At locally-owned and operated Hittle Landscaping, we transform dreams into reality using landscaping as our paintbrush. Need a little inspiration for your Hamilton County landscape design? Here’s a roundup of six ideas trending in 2018.

    Hamilton County Landscape Design Trend #1

    Indoors is out! Outside, that is. Designers create more weather-resistant or weather-friendly products each year. Special fabrics and materials allow sectional sofas and other furniture to dry quickly and avoid fading. This makes it easier to incorporate indoor-comforts in outdoor spaces.

    Thoughtfully-designed hardscapes and lighting lend dimension and in many cases, additional “rooms” to your home. Use these spaces to host family and friends. Expand your entertaining capacity. Or, create a quiet place to connect with your spouse.

    Hamilton County Landscape Design Trend #2

    Cover up! If your grounds include a lot of open space, building a pergola or other structure provides a little shade and definition. Recall interior design advice to create “zones?” This is the same concept.

    When you define areas with a gazebo, screened-in porch or modern resort-style awnings, you create a hospitality atmosphere for guests. The areas designed for specific functions become obvious and guests feel more at ease. Even if the “function” is lounging!

    Hamilton County Landscape Design Trend #3

    Be your own celebrity chef. Grow your own fruits, vegetables and herbs in a custom layout. Make use of vertical space for herbs or vine plants, such as strawberries. Incorporate your culinary garden into rustic homemade meals for your family.

    Pair your garden with a European-style pizza oven. Can you taste the Margherita pizza yet? Build a grill into an outdoor kitchen and stock the accompanying fridge. Keep all your ingredients close at hand.

    Hamilton County Landscape Design Trend #4

    Customized! Homeowners have custom homes – they want the same attention applied to outdoor spaces. Use landscaping to create a pathway to fully enjoy the grounds. Create spaces for games you enjoy, such as a putting green, bocce or croquet.

    Bring interior design principles into your Hamilton County landscape design. Consider sightlines. Define zones. Does a portion of your backyard face west? Design around sunset-watching. Does your property include tall trees, wildlife nests or water? Your professional landscapers will encourage you to take these into account.

    Hamilton County Landscape Design Trend #5

    Pools! You may have thought over every detail of the pool, such as shape, features and tile. Don’t forget about the kitchen and bath features to truly make it special. Even a smaller space can benefit from a built-in refrigerator.

    Stock it with drinks and fruit so kids can grab what they need. Keep the wet feet outside! Several homeowners choose to install an outdoor shower as well. This lends functionality and form to make showers a snap!

    If your gatherings are more grown up, install a covered bar area. Whether you prefer margaritas in blenders or a wine fridge, it’s up to you. Many family-friendly features are sought after by homebuyers. If you plan to sell in a few years, you may keep this in mind.

    Hamilton County Landscape Design Trend #6

    Impactful plantings. A new trend among Hamilton County landscape design is single species, especially in planters.

    If you prefer low-maintenance, try using pots with a single species of plant. They tend to have fewer problems. Plus, it creates a modern and fresh composition overall.

    If you’d like to explore these Hamilton County landscape design trends, call Hittle Landscaping today for a consultation. We’re eager to get to you know you and to listen to your ideas. We’ll bring our expertise in thoughtful landscaping, lighting and design to create your personal retreat.

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