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    Backyard Landscape Design for Ultimate Viewing Parties

    Whether you are a binge-watcher or love events, like the Emmy Awards, nothing beats viewing parties in your outdoor living room. Make this dream a reality with expert backyard landscape design from Hittle Landscaping.

    In most cases, one of the relaxing aspects of an outdoor living room, is the simplification. We plan for many of the “creature comforts” in our backyard landscape design. The difference is not every piece of interior design will travel outside.

    This leaves a streamlined living space to enjoy. Interested? Read on and call Hittle Landscaping to plan your space to enjoy the ultimate viewing of the Emmys, “This is Us” or fall football games.

    Backyard Landscape Design Considerations for Outdoor Living Rooms

    Your Hittle Landscaping professional will review details like this and others. Go ahead and think about them to make the most of your complimentary consultation time.

    Consistency. Does the backyard landscape design follow the architecture of the main building? For ideal flow, model the outdoor living room space on the existing home design. Don’t try to mesh radically different styles, such as Danish modern with frilly Victorian.

    It’s up to you, ultimately, of course. For the best ambiance and ease of your guests, it’s best to remain consistent. If you aspire to sell your home in the future, it will pay off then too.

    Inspiration. What is the goal of the space? Is it privacy? Is it a decked out space for entertaining? Need a place to connect with your spouse at the end of the day? Have a great view? Envision your primary uses for the space and prioritize them.

    Size and shape. Consider your lot. Do you have a million-dollar-view or specific privacy needs? Would a specific size or shape enhance your property? Do you have pre-existing hardscapes or softscapes to work around? These could include a pool, children’s play equipment or a cutting garden.

    You know what they say…location, location, location. Is the space you envision convenient to the existing home? Consider the amenities you plan to include. How often will you or a guest need to retreat indoors for kitchen or bathroom needs?

    Finally, your budget. Hittle Landscaping can help you sort through your wants and provide recommendations. Our access to vendors and materials often surprises clients with solutions for material or financial dilemmas.

    New materials are emerging all the time. Together with the classics, we can incorporate the best choices for your backyard landscape design.

    Call Backyard Landscape Design Experts – Hittle Landscaping

    For more than 40 years Hittle Landscaping has produced amazing backyard landscape design for clients in the Indianapolis area. What can we do for you?

    We have a passion for thoughtful landscaping, lighting and architecture to realize your dreams. We are eager to get to know you and your goals. How can we bring our trademark attention to detail to your backyard landscape design? We’re well-versed in a variety of garden, hardscape and softscape techniques and materials. We can design the perfect space for your viewing parties, whether it’s the Emmys or a “Walking Dead” marathon.

    To take the next step to beautify and improve your property, call Hittle Landscaping today for a design consultation.

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