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    Top Automatic Sprinkler Products

    Technology is revolutionizing the world around us, and gardening is no exception! The market is filled with automatic sprinkler systems that can be managed remotely through a control panel or an app on your phone. These sprinklers can connect to Wi-Fi networks, allowing users to adjust settings with the touch of a finger and from anywhere in the world.

    Among the best sprinklers on the market today are manufactured by Rain Bird. These units operate far more efficiently than manual watering, allowing you to save on utility bills while maintaining a beautiful outdoor space. Rain Bird Sprinklers have indeed proven to be top of their class among automatic sprinkler manufacturers.

    Rain Bird is highly adaptable to many different applications, with features including pop-up spray heads, impact sprinklers and high-efficiency nozzles. Yards with short or tall grass, steep slopes or even high wind can be covered effectively by their systems.

    Rain Bird 32ETI

    Easily set up, the Rain Bird 32ETI is among the top yard watering products on the market. It is equipped with 6 rotary sprinklers that are highly efficient due to their use of “rain curtain” nozzle technology. These sprinkler heads uses larger droplets to avoid wasted water from windblown spray.

    This Rain Bird system also contains an incredibly efficient timer that offers multiple watering patterns. These options are easily adjustable from the sprinkler’s control panel.

    The automatic framework of this sprinkler enables users to eliminate the hassle that is involved in constantly adjusting garden hoses and manual sprinkler heads. The system easily attaches to a valve that can be located outside the home or directly into your plumbing, and the sprinklers can automatically retract when not in use. This gives a clean and tidy appearance to your lawn. The sprinkler also has multiple rotors and professional grade hoses, which makes the product durable and reliable over time.

    The Rain Bird 32ETI has advanced adjustments for spray rotation as well as distance. This enables you to control how far water is being sprayed, and allows you to keep water off of sidewalks, your neighbor’s areas and driveways. This sprinkler is easy to use, even for first time and inexperienced owners.

    ST8I-WIFI Smart Irrigation Indoor Controller

    Rain Bird sprinklers have been able to fully harness the use of technology in order to design advanced sprinkler systems that are more efficient in both water usage and keeping your lawn looking attractive. The ST8I-WIFI controller is easy to use and gives you full control over how to program your sprinklers according to weather, seasons and temperatures.

    This sprinkler system is fully customizable, and allows you to preset watering patterns with different names, start times and duration. You can also get instant notification alerts of what is happening in your yard, even if you are away from home.

    Finally, the control panel features a large, easy to understand screen where settings can be adjusted and watering programs can be scheduled in advance for any day of the week.


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