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    Considerations for Hiring a Landscaper

    Are you considering a landscaping project this summer? The quality of landscaping work that will be undertaken on your garden depends on the expertise of the landscape contractor that you hire. As easy as it might be to simply open the yellow pages, a premium should be placed on doing your homework before hiring professionals. Just like with other home contractors, landscaping firms have different levels of experience and skill sets. Here are a few considerations that you should look out for when picking the team to give your garden a face lift.

    Scale of Your Project

    You should first consider the type and extent of the landscaping project that you want to undertake. Consider how the project will ultimately benefit you, what you want to use your “new and improved” outdoor living space for, and what you are willing to pay to get it. Your project goals are equally important. These include the aesthetic value that the project will add to your home, and especially its long-term sustainability. Once these factors are considered, it will be easier to choose a contractor who can help you fulfill these goals. When looking for a landscaper, you should verbalize your hopes upfront to ensure you are both on the same page and they have the expertise to undertake the project.

    Professional Credentials

    This is an important factor which shouldn’t be disregarded. Affiliations to professional organizations indicate a landscaper has a definite interest in always becoming even more of an expert in their field. It also indicates the company takes its professionalism very seriously. Landscapers who belong to professional groups are also clearly advertising they are very involved in not just their projects, but their field overall. In addition, you should check out the contractor’s track records and online reviews to establish whether complaints have been raised against them in the past.

    Do They Subcontract?

    Depending on the scale of your landscaping job, you need to ask the contractor under consideration whether he/she will subcontract smaller firms in the course of the project or not. In as much as landscape contractors are experienced and may do an excellent job with your project, they sometimes enlist the services of subcontractors to perform specialized work. It is always advisable to inquire about the subcontractors who will be enlisted by the landscaping company to make sure you are receiving quality from start to finish.

    When undertaking a landscaping project, you are advised to choose a contractors who you trust enough to build a longstanding relationship. By thoroughly vetting your options the first time, you’ll find a partner in making your yard and garden look great for years to come!

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