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    Covered vs. Uncovered Outdoor Living Spaces

    Outdoor living areas create a relaxing space for the family to hang out in comfort, and they increase the aesthetic appeal and value of your home. One should opt for neutral color palettes before designing your patio and select durable furniture that is low maintenance. To make your outdoor spaces stand out from the rest, you need to take a few options into consideration:

    Outdoor awnings

    Awnings are a form of covered outdoor space usually considered when near a home or other structure on one side. Connected to the building, they come in an array of colors and styles, usually made of canvas, aluminum or cotton. Think of these features as an outdoor canopy, offering protection from changing weather conditions, while very much being tied to your home in design due to their proximity. They provide shade from summer heat and offer shelter against rain, but unless added retractable walls (canvas) are purchased, they do little against wind or insects. Ultra violet rays are also blocked offering protection to the skin. Awnings are low maintenance providing a summer long duration of trouble free luxury shade. Outdoor awnings can also be retractable, allowing you to enjoy the sunshine when you want to and create shade by turning a handle or a button to extend the cover.


    Gazebos are an outdoor room or free standing structure that offers shade during sunny days. You can cover your gazebo with tasteful outdoor curtains. While these can be built offsite and brought in complete, for a customized look, consider working with your landscape contractor to design a gazebo that fits your landscape.

    Uncovered outdoor living spaces can include:

    Small gardens

    You can grow plants, trees or flowers in an uncovered space in your yard, to include a sitting area in among the plants. Try low maintenance plants like the bloody cranesbill to achieve a beautiful area to entertain, while avoiding extra work to sustain it.Their pink color will brighten up your garden. Consider turning your garden into an “outdoor room” to allow your plants and your living space to combine. Landscaping costs for these projects depend on the type of plants chosen, size of your yard, features you want to be installed, quality of the soil and current condition of your space. Backyard landscaping may include installing a seating area for dining, small garden, plants and shrubs along property lines.

    Hammocks and trellises

    Hammocks are hung in between trees and are a relaxing addition to any space. They give an illusion of being on an island. Trellises guide the growth of climbing plants and help cover undesirable elements such as garbage cans, or unwanted views of the neighborhood, etc.

    Fire pit

    A fire pit can be strategically installed around a seating arrangement for a great uncovered space to enjoy summer nights. It adds aesthetic appeal to a backyard and is suitable for warming up during a chilly evening.

    In conclusion, as you explore ideas to spice up your patio, keep in mind that outdoor spaces, whether covered or uncovered, will provide a serene environment for relaxation and increase the appeal of your home. If done correctly, your next party or get-together can be entirely outdoors, making your yard the envy of the neighborhood!

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