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    Custom Lawn Care Recommendations for the Best Grass for Businesses

    Certain types of grass perform better than others for an owner’s custom lawn care. At Hittle Landscaping, we have several commercial custom lawn care clients who want an attractive and low-maintenance grass. Based on the typical needs of commercial landscaping clients, we have a few recommendations which work for either business or residential grassy areas.

    We also recommend for our Midwestern clients grasses termed “cool season.” What works well for a southern resort golf course or in a Florida condo community may not perform well here in Indiana.

    Custom Lawn Care Grass Variety Option #1 – Tall Fescue


    This grass shows a good heat tolerance for a cool season variety. With its medium to dark green color and moderate density, tall fescue (festuca arundinacea) maintains a more extensive root system than most other cool-season turfgrasses.

    As a “bunch-type” grass, its texture ranges from coarse to medium. It’s generally a deep root system that serves it well during drought periods and prefers full sun while moderately tolerant of partial shade.

    If irrigation slows, it can go into dormancy and lose its “green”, but easily greens up again when moisture returns. Tall fescue handles moderate foot traffic, recreational activity and shows decent initial wear recovery, particularly in spring and fall when it grows rapidly.

    Maintenance of Tall Fescue for Custom Lawn Care

    Easily adapts to a wide range of soil conditions because of its deep root system. Water needs for tall fescue are considered moderate. Apply half to one inch of water with a deep soak every four to seven days to encourage deep root growth during hot or dry periods.

    Overly frequent, shallow watering prevents deep root growth and accelerates weed growth. Fertilize twice a year. Tall fescue forms little thatch and it’s encouraged to leave grass clippings to decompose in the lawn. This feeds nitrogen back into the soil.

    Custom Lawn Care Grass Variety Option #2 – Kentucky Bluegrass


    A popular cool season grass, Kentucky Bluegrass (poa pratensis) boasts a beautiful, dark green color and dense, medium texture. In addition to residential and commercial properties, it’s widely used in play areas, sports fields, parks and cemeteries.

    Extremely tolerant of colder weather, it maintains good color and appearance during hot temperatures if properly cared for and watered. If not, it goes into dormancy and easily recovers when irrigation returns.

    Maintenance of Kentucky Bluegrass for Custom Lawn Care

    Forge a deep, healthy root system with a deep soaking of a half to one inch of water once every five to seven days during hot or dry phases. Mow regularly with an optimal height of one and a half to two inches for best quality turf. Leave grass clippings to fertilize the soil.

    Early fall is the best time to dethatch if necessary. Fertilization is most effective in spring and fall. If you choose to fertilize in summer, reduce the rate by 50 percent. Always water thoroughly after any fertilization. Most new varieties are disease-resistant and spread easily.

    Custom Lawn Care Grass Variety Option #3 – Ryegrass


    A member of the lolium genus, ryegrass is known for its rapid establishment rate. It produces moderately dark green and fine leaf texture blades. It produces low-growing crowns and is easy to maintain.

    Easily mixed with bluegrass and fine fescue to create hardy areas for play areas and sports fields. Shows good initial wear recovery. Newer varieties have greater tolerance to both cold and hot temperatures. Quickly goes dormant during short droughts and recovers well.

    Maintenance of Ryegrass for Custom Lawn Care

    Thatch is nonexistent because grass thickens by tillers instead of stolons or rhizomes. Cut one to two and a half inches tall.

    Water needs are about one inch once or twice each week. For the best green color, water more often during the hottest weather.

    Ryegrass is highly adaptable to a variety of soils and has low fertilizer needs. A general purpose, high-nitrogen fertilizer is recommended in the spring and fall. Generally, it is resistant to diseases, insects and weeds.

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