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    The Essential Dream Backyard List for House Hunters

    Spring is in the air, and it’s a perfect time to start the search for your dream home. While you’re touring the real estate offerings in your area, be sure to take a peek at the backyard. Does this property offer up your dream backyard? How much effort would it take to get it to the outdoor oasis you’re dreaming of? Have you given enough thought to what your dream backyard includes?

    Don’t worry! Hittle Landscaping has compiled a list of things to consider when searching for your dream backyard.

    Define your style. First stay by defining your dream backyard desires. Take a look at what others are doing that you love. Outline what you like and don’t like about your current and previous residences. Having a firm grasp on what you ultimately want can help you weed out new home options that don’t currently have and even with the help of a professional landscaper can’t offer.

    Be realistic about the property’s potential (or lack thereof). As you tour new properties, it’s important to note down the actual potential they have of getting close to your dream backyard. For example, is the space to small to accommodate the outdoor kitchen and entertainment area that you envision? If the home is on a hill, will it be impossible to create the fire pit gathering are you desire? Are the neighbors so close that your private oasis is impossible to create? Is the yard large enough for the kids’ pickup soccer games?

    Consider the upkeep. If you stumbled into a backyard oasis that takes your breath away, be sure to consider the condition of the hardscapes and softscape elements as well as the required upkeep. Are these features in good condition? Can you maintain them yourself or will you require assistance from an external source?

    Calculate the costs. The interior of the home may be perfect, and it may have you overlooking the subpar exterior. If a dream backyard is something that’s vital to your new home, be sure to factor in what it would cost to get your potential new home’s landscape where you’d like it. (You may even find a negotiating point if the landscape is in very bad shape.)

    Since 1973, Hittle Landscaping has helped the greater Indianapolis community turn dream into reality. Your new dream backyard may or may not exist on your new property, but we can certainly help you create it. We offer a complete range of landscaping services from maintenance and upkeep to landscape design projects that include both softscape and hardscapes elements. We’re here to create an outdoor space that rivals the comfort and beauty of your home’s interior.

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