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    Property Manager Guide to Green Rooftop Gardens

    Stand out from the crowd of commercial properties and lower your utilities with green rooftop gardens. Green roofs or living roofs are roofs of buildings covered in thick, waterproof material, then soil and vegetation. There are multiple benefits to a green rooftop garden, not least of which is helping your facility stand out from the crowd!

    Some benefits of green rooftop gardens are:

    • Lowered utility bills
    • Lower/controlled stormwater runoff
    • Unique space
    • Longer lifespan
    • Environmental impact

    Lowered Utility Bills

    The vegetation growing on a green roof helps to insulate a building, which can lower utility bills. This is especially true in the summer when a green roof absorbs the hot sun and insulates the building from the excessive heat. While green rooftop gardens are expensive to install, they quickly pay for themselves in energy savings.

    Lowered Storm Water Runoff

    Lowered stormwater runoff is actually considered by many to be the biggest benefit of green rooftop gardens, especially in urban settings. Water without a strong runoff path can cause damage to a facility, flooding, property erosion and more.

    A green roof absorbs much of the stormwater on a roof and slowly releases what it cannot use. The slow release of excess water allows the soil on the ground to slowly absorb water instead of creating pools and flooding.

    This rather natural method of runoff control has a huge impact on your property.

    Unique Space

    Offering a green rooftop garden to the occupants of your property is a unique selling point. Perhaps there is a sitting area where people are able to enjoy the space. A potential tenant benefit could be access to a community garden.

    Regardless, a green roof is a unique point of interest as well as a selling point to the environmentally conscious.

    Longer Lifespan

    Green roofs actually have a longer lifespan than traditional roofs. This is because the actual roofing material is protected. Ultraviolet radiation and temperature fluctuations slowly breakdown the material used in other roofs. A longer lifespan is another way green roofs save you money over their lifespan.

    Environmental Impact

    The environmental impact of green rooftop gardens is multifaceted. While they lower your utility bills, they use fewer natural resources. If they produce edible foods, they reduce the pollutants with factory food production.

    While they extend the life of your roof, they reduce the number of materials taken to the landfilled with a traditional roof. The list goes on, but these are some of the immediate benefits.

    Increased environmental awareness is not only a necessity, but is becoming good for business both in money savings and public appeal.

    Planning Green Rooftop Gardens in Indianapolis

    Whether you are currently considering a rooftop garden or you are just interested in learning more, contact Hittle Landscaping! We help you go from conception to realizing your plan and even offer maintenance.

    Make your rooftop garden a space talked about and envied by properties all around you. Call Hittle today and learn how to incorporate a rooftop garden into your facility.

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