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    Commercial Landscape Ideas for Spring in Indianapolis

    It’s not too late to revitalize your Indianapolis property with these commercial landscape ideas. Now is the perfect time to contact professional landscapers so you’ll be ready to go when winter turns to spring. If you own commercial property in Central Indiana, Hittle Landscaping is ready to step in for all your landscaping needs – winter, spring, summer and fall!

    Preparation for Commercial Landscape Ideas Begins with a Map

    Any explorer knows, to find what you seek, you must have a map. Imagine your property from all angles. Think about the sight lines from the street, of the entrance from the parking lot and even from above, like a bird.

    If you work with a professional landscaping company, like Hittle Landscaping, they have designers to do this with you. They’re familiar with all the usual challenges and are there to think of things you may not. We’re eager to hear your commercial landscape ideas and combine them with our know-how.

    The expertise comes from more than 40 years of experience working with commercial and residential clients. We’re here to help you.

    Drainage and Standing Water

    For example, is there an area on your property with poor drainage? If there’s an area anywhere around the building where water pools quickly during spring rains and takes a while to soak into the ground, we should address it.

    Before we discuss red flowers or pink ones, we must take care of any foundational issues. Poor drainage may affect the structure of your building or create a haven for mosquitos and other pests.

    As landscape professionals, we’ll look for these scenarios to help head off future problems.

    Trees: Help or Hurt?

    Another issue property owners sometimes face are legacy trees. Trees which drop nuts or sap may create lots of “volunteers” or a mess on customers’ cars. Volunteers are saplings which take root quickly in a place where you don’t want new trees.

    Plus, nutshells sometimes stain walkways or create a hazard for pedestrians. Imagine a hospital, clinic, doctors’ office or assisted living facility with roly-poly acorns or shells strewn across sidewalks and parking lots. It’s a mess and may cause falls for those needing mobility assistance.

    Trees are a wonderful addition to a property. They add real estate value as well as shade and the beauty of nature. We love trees! We just want the right trees for your property and use.

    If we need to remove a tree because it’s a trip and fall hazard, we handle it professionally and recommend a replacement variety without the concerns.

    Structures and Hardscapes Make Great Commercial Landscape Ideas

    Do you have any changes in elevation on your property? Would you benefit from a retaining wall? If people live in your property, either permanently or temporarily, a sitting wall, benches or a pergola bring character and function.

    Along with carefully-chosen softscapes, like vines, groundcovers and flowers, these features increase the enjoyment of the spaces’ users. It may also help your property stand out.

    Standing out for your attention to your property and enticing landscaping and maintenance helps you draw and keep tenants as well.

    Not Too Late for Spring Bulbs

    While most spring bulbs like Daffodils, Tulips and Grape Hyacinths are planted in the fall, you can still enjoy the cheerful color. Ask your Hittle Landscaping designer. He or she will happily bring you ideas for spring flowers in planters inside and outside.

    Fun Tip: If you own a business or run an organization with a logo, echo the logo colors with the flowers!

    Call the Professionals at Hittle Landscaping to Execute Your Commercial Landscape Ideas

    Call Hittle Landscaping today for a complimentary consultation. We love to hear your commercial landscape ideas. We’ll marry our expertise and experience to them to turn your dreams into reality.

    Schedule time with a Hittle designer now so we can explore your commercial landscape ideas before spring. Don’t wait until after the last frost – by then our teams will be booked!

    For more than 40 years, family-owned and operated Hittle has helped Central Indiana home and commercial clients improve their outdoor spaces. As part of our core values, we believe in Honesty, Innovation, Thankfulness and Teamwork. How can we assist you today?

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