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    Landscape Border Options

    Whether you just moved into a new home or you’re looking to make improvements, adding the right borders to your landscape can make a noticeable difference to your outdoor living space. Attractive borders and edging options can create a relaxing space for families to spend time outdoors. Landscape borders can also increase your home’s value, at a relatively affordable cost.

    Here are several landscape border options that you can apply to your outdoor space.


    Using concrete is a great way of achieving cleanly polished borders to your outdoor space. Concrete can come in an infinite number of shapes, patterns and pigmentation, making it highly adaptable to any lawn. The edges can also provide a clear boundary between grass, walkways and other types of plants without making a space look messy.

    Concrete can be molded into any shape, size and length, allowing it to fit in tight spaces or wide areas. The versatility of this material also allows you to imprint different shapes on its surface in order to achieve a thematic look to your landscape.


    Wood is an affordable and easy-to-install item for your landscape features. Wooden planks can be arranged along the edges of a raised flower-bed for a neat, raised, border look. Wood can also be used to achieve a fence-type appearance along the edges of the grass.

    Railroad ties are another common use of wood in landscape borders, where the railroad ties can remain at the same level or increasingly get higher/lower along the border. The arrangement patterns of wooden planks are limitless.

    Bender Board

    Bender boards are perfect for long thin borders and walkways. They are thin, lightweight and can easily bend in order to line walkways that curve frequently and are located within tight spaces. Whether you are placing borders along grass lawns or flower-beds, bender board is a great material to use in order to achieve a clean, polished look.

    You can also use bender boards along with many different edges of landscape features because the material can easily be cut to shape with a handsaw.


    Brick is one of the most popular edging options for landscape borders. It is easy to apply, adapts to tight angles and awkward shapes and hosts natural organisms such as lichens and moss. Brick offers a classic look to your edges and its red color resonates well with plants and flowers.

    Bricks strike the perfect balance between a border and the landscape itself, offering a natural blend that complements the background and does not take away from the actual landscape. They are also relatively easy to install because you can skip the need of using mortar to adhere the bricks together.


    A unique material to use in the garden, metal can give exceptionally sharp borders to your landscape features. Because metal strips are thin, sturdy and durable, they act as inconspicuous borders between different types of garden materials such as gravel and vegetation. Metal also holds vegetation in place and gives a polished, tidy look to the edges.

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