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    The Basics of Quality Commercial Landscape Design

    Commercial landscape design might mean a neat and tidy lawn around your building and parking lot. Did you know landscape design can do so much more? At Hittle Landscaping, we come to work every day to make a difference for our clients.

    Whether residential or commercial, landscape design is an opportunity for function and form to intersect. Let’s review how strong landscape design can perform for your commercial property.

    Thoughtful Landscape Design Conveys Messages

    Just like the furnishings you choose for your interiors or how you choose to dress, innovative landscape design communicates to your audience. What do you want them to know about you?

    The right landscape design can soothe, inspire or guide. It may project an image of honoring tradition with rows of neat historical varieties and ivy.

    Perhaps bold color combinations or an inclusion of an edgy outdoor sculpture challenges the status quo. Use of native grasses and wildflowers evoke a nod toward eco-friendliness.   

    Landscape Design Guides Visitors in their Journey

    Have you ever driven up to a building and found it difficult to identify the front entrance? Hardscapes like pathways, arches or large planters feature the preferred customer entrance.

    Lining them with shrubs and trees leads visitors in the direction you want them to go. Employ changing feature flowers to welcome returning guests with something new to see.

    Attract Customers and Help Them Interact with Deliberate Landscape Design

    A pair of cozy upholstered chairs encourages relaxed conversation. Similarly, your landscape design can perform the same function. With low retaining walls, benches and even tables and chairs, you invite guests to relax and spend more time.

    Perhaps your property hosts patients who may benefit from walks among nature or to converse with visitors. Perhaps your property is mixed-use and most residents keep a pet. Having a space for dog walking could be a big selling point.

    Many non-traditional commercial properties, such as pedestrian shopping malls are incorporating hardscapes like water features, fire pits and covered seating areas for shoppers to relax.

    Landscape Design Can Save Money While it Beautifies

    Contribute to the environment, save on your utilities and improve your space simultaneously. How?

    Use a design with native species and strategically-planted trees. Plants that thrive in the Indiana planting zone will require less water and care.

    Trees which shade the building from the direct sun in the summer or block ferocious winds in the winter reduce your heating and cooling bills.

    Interior plants also freshen the indoors. Certain plants are especially good for air filtration. A landscape design professional can create an interior plant program simple to maintain and improves your indoor air quality.

    This is even more important in buildings with new carpet, paint and other off-gassing furnishings. Research in hospitals, offices and schools has found even a single plant in a room has a significant impact on stress and anxiety.

    Landscape Design Questions? Call for a Complimentary Consultation with Hittle Landscaping

    Whether your needs residential or commercial, we’re eager to get to know you and your property. We apply more than 40 years of expertise in thoughtful landscaping, design and lighting to create something extraordinary for you.

    Locally-owned and operated, Hittle Landscaping brings our trademark attention to detail to any challenge. Interested in the benefits from customized landscape design for your property? Call today for a complimentary design consultation with our team.

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