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    November Landscape Garden Ideas

    In central Indiana, November presents challenges and opportunities for landscape garden ideas. There’s a lot to accomplish once the heat of summer subsides and before the ground freezes.

    At Hittle Landscaping, we love helping residential and commercial clients make the most of this transitional season. For instance, fall and winter are an opportune time to assess the architecture or “bones” of your landscaping.

    Without the trappings of colorful blooms and leafy vegetation, you can clearly see gaps or areas for improvement. Does your garden need more structure? Would it benefit from a boost of evergreens or a hardscape feature?

    Call us for a design consultation. We’re happy to listen to your ideas on how you want to use the space. We’ll offer decades of experience and guidance to turn your dreams into reality. Let’s review some basic fall maintenance as well as landscape garden ideas.

    Landscape Garden Ideas for Fall Maintenance

    First, be sure to monitor watering. Make sure they receive a good soak once a week. Watch the weather and do not overdo it, however. Watering less allows plants to forge deeper and stronger root systems.

    This is especially important before the dormancy of winter. Less moisture also lessens plants’ vulnerability to disease and insects.

    Second, be sure to fertilize before winter. There may still be time to plant trees if you need to replace existing trees or fill in some holes. Planting in the fall is a great time to establish new trees and shrubs. If you like to container garden or want to tuck in some color, flowering kale and pansies are hardy for this time of year.

    If an early winter is predicted, however, it may be best to wait and spend the energy planning for next year.

    Landscape Garden Ideas for Winter Meals

    If you planted a fall garden, be sure to harvest before it gets too late in the year. Even as far north as Indianapolis, many vegetables flourish when planted in late summer for a fall harvest. Examples include broccoli, cauliflower, spinach and kale.

    Many of these can easily be grown in containers or in a raised garden off a patio or deck. Some are hardy enough to survive a light frost.

    If you’re interested in organic gardening as a hobby or in growing more of your own food, talk to us about including space for this in your landscape garden ideas and plans.

    Yard Care and Landscape Garden Ideas


    If you have lots of trees on your property, use those fallen leaves! Mulch them to return much-needed nutrients to the soil and your lawn.

    Many people collect their leaves, mulch them and use them to tuck in flower beds for the winter. They are a wonderful insulator and reduce soil erosion when winter weather and winds arrive.

    Bulbs and Tubers

    If you have cold-sensitive bulbs and tubers for flowers such as dahlias or begonias, be sure to dig them up and store them before the winter freeze.

    Prune and Clean Up

    Now is also a great time to prune. Selective pruning primes a tree, shrub or plant for a successful spring. Plus, removing yard debris takes away insect and critter havens.

    Bring the Outdoors In

    Do you have outdoor plants you like to bring indoors? Give them a good watering, inspect for pests and slowly move them closer to the house.

    For example, if a potted plant resides on your patio during the summer, bring it to a shady corner of the deck or just outside the back door at first. Avoid the shock of indoor temperatures and acclimate it slowly.

    Preserve Hardscapes and Softscapes from Damage

    Finally, don’t forget about patio furniture and cushions. Store away from elements if possible. If applicable, install reflective markers along the driveway to establish boundaries when plowing or snow blowing begins. You’ll be glad when the snow melts and you’re ready for spring again.

    Hittle Customizes Landscape Garden Ideas for You

    Whether you’re interested in residential or commercial, we’re eager to get to know you and your own landscape garden ideas. We bring more than 40 years of expertise in professional landscaping, design architecture and lighting to create something extraordinary for you.

    Locally-owned and operated, Hittle Landscaping applies our trademark attention to detail to any challenge. Interested in landscape garden ideas tailored to your property? Call today for a complimentary design consultation with our team.

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