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    Simple Landscape Ideas for Parking Lot Islands in Indianapolis

    Sprucing up your commercial property’s parking area with simple landscape ideas goes a long way toward not only breaking up the large areas of hot pavement, but also attracting people who want to rent, lease, or shop there.

    It’s true — adding curb appeal is just as important for commercial properties as it is for residential properties. Parking spots surrounded by shade-giving trees and bright flowers are sure to be much more appealing to potential customers than a barren black lot.

    If you’re a property manager or business owner in Indianapolis who doesn’t know where to begin on taking on such a project, the team at Hittle Landscaping has plenty of simple landscape ideas to get you started. We help you plan, install, and maintain the design of your parking lot islands.

    Simple Landscape Ideas for Your Parking Lot

    Before beginning your parking lot island landscape design, you should first check to see if a permit is required to plant there, as a public tree ordinance may be in effect on your property. Local laws in communities throughout the Indianapolis and Central Indiana area may also require you to use native plants.

    Aside from that, when brainstorming simple landscape ideas for your parking lot islands, look for plants that are practical and sustainable, such as slow-growing plants and landscape materials that can handle heavy foot traffic and car exhaust. Parking lot islands also don’t have built-in irrigation, so plants have to be drought tolerant as well as be able to tolerate salt and compaction. Here are some simple landscape ideas to inspire your parking lot design:

    Thorny shrubs

    A good way to keep pedestrians from walking through parking lot islands is to plant low-maintenance thorny shrubs. Many rose species are easy to grow for this purpose, as are pest and disease-resistant firethorn bushes, which even handle short periods of freezing and drought conditions once they’re established.

    Oaks and maples

    Tall and narrow trees such as these two species are good choices for parking lot islands because they eventually grow to offer cover from the sun for customers or visitors to your establishment looking for a shady spot to park.

    Black-eyed Susans

    These cheery garden stand-bys look aesthetically pleasing in large groupings while holding up well to tough parking lot conditions such as excessive foot traffic.

    Purple coneflower

    For a sturdy splash of color in your parking lot landscape design, purple coneflowers produce vibrant blooms for several weeks in late summer and grow well in central Indiana.


    You can’t go wrong with this Hoosier garden staple to brighten up your commercial parking lot. Daylilies are hardy and available to plant in a variety of heights and colors ranging from yellow to purple.

    Ornamental grasses

    If you want to fill a large space on a budget or mix up your other parking lot plantings, ornamental grasses are a solid, low-maintenance, and non-invasive option. Species such as Oak sedge, Pennsylvania sedge, blue oat grass, and blue fescue make for great ground cover, low borders, or filler between other species for mulch and weed control.


    Likely your lowest maintenance choice, hardscape elements such as pavers, stepping stones, and decorative gravel can help direct visitors to your establishment to walk around your parking lot plants.

    Looking for More Simple Landscape Ideas for Your Parking Lot in Indianapolis?

    If you have a parking lot, courtyard, or other paved areas in Indianapolis in need of a facelift, call us at 317-342-9230 or contact us online to set up an initial consultation. We’ll help you choose the right plants for your parking lot that will stay healthy and beautiful for years to come without causing major maintenance headaches. We also offer an array of other commercial landscaping services, and can even help you maintain your design after we plant it.

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