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    Plan Your Commercial Landscaping Company Projects for 2019

    It’s the time of year to start thinking about winter weather and the New Year. Your company is likely preparing a 2019 budget and thinking about future projects and suppliers. Don’t forget to include snow removal from your landscaping company!

    Snow removal is essential for any business in Indiana. There are a few things to consider when hiring a new contractor for next winter.

    First, you will want to find more than one landscaping company to research, compare and talk to. Ask around to find out who other people use and whether they are happy.

    If you have another business close to yours, it might be a good idea to ask which landscaping company they use – you may even be able to negotiate a “convenience” discount.

    What You Need to Know Before You Hire a Commercial Landscaping Company


    Before hiring anyone, you want to know their background. This goes for snow removal companies, too. Check their references and Better Business Bureau rating. This will give you a good idea about their work.

    Insurance coverage is an important part of snow removal, so you may even want to call the insurance company of the landscaping company to verify their coverage.


    For any snow removal company you are considering for 2019-2020, you will want the landscaping company to visit your facility and provide a detailed estimate on their work and services.

    Be sure to ask how such work is charged and what you will see on your bill. While reputable companies are as transparent as possible, be sure to get your estimate in writing.

    Services and Charges

    There are several different services you want to ask about when considering snow removal.

    • Do you only want them clearing the parking lot?
    • How about sidewalks?
    • Should they clear snow from the roof?
    • When and how do they salt or deice the surfaces?
    • Do they come out while the snow is falling or only after it stops?
    • Does there have to be a minimum amount of snow on the ground before they will clear?

    You will also want to ask about the charges for each of these services. Is it a flat monthly rate or is there a charge per “push?” In some cases, a big snowfall necessitates more than one clearing within 24 hours.

    When looking for a snow removal company, consider speaking with your landscaping company. Many of those companies also offer snow removal services in the winter to their clients only.

    This would be a convenient arrangement, as they are already a supplier for you, you already know their work and you are already set up to pay them.

    If you do decide to use your landscaping company for snow removal, this will allow you to seamlessly go from fall cleanup to snow removal and then spring projects. Don’t underestimate the ease of an all-in-one company.

    Additionally, working with your landscaping company for snow removal means all of their designs will keep winter weather in mind. They can also better suggest new landscaping, should your current design prevent easy snow removal.

    While you are planning for the 2019-2020 season, remember these tips for finding a great year-round landscaping company.

    A Landscaping Company For Your Needs 12 Months a Year

    At Hittle Landscaping we provide snow removal for commercial clients and would love to speak with you about extending our services to meet your winter weather needs.

    We’re also available for a complimentary design consultation for all your spring, summer and fall landscaping. Now is a great time to plan for next season so you’re ready to go with the change in the weather. Contact us today to plan for your landscaping services needs.

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