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    Low Maintenance Ornamentals

    Having a garden shouldn’t be an expensive affair. This is because you have the option of having low maintenance ornamentals in your garden. Typically, such plants bloom longer besides flowering repeatedly. They similarly produce enough seedheads and foliage, which means that having them in your garden increases your home’s aesthetic value significantly. The following are some low maintenance ornamental plants that you should consider for your garden.

    Quartz Rose Verbena

    This is a groundcover plant, which is renowned for blooming profusely all season. It features a white eye and bright pink flowers, which are likely to attract bees, butterflies, and birds to your garden. The Quartz Rose Verbena is also an outstanding container plant since it performs well in well-drained and loose organic soil. For it to achieve optimal growth, you are advised to plant it in full sun. Nonetheless, you can are advised to bring its containers indoors in winter since frost kills the plant. This ornamental plant is popular because it requires easy lawn care tips for it to grow optimally.

    Russian Sage

    This is a drought resistant ornamental plant, which is often regarded as one of the best perennial plants. The Russian Sage is also known for being resistant to common plant diseases and insect problems. Its striking appearance makes it suitable if you want to attract bees and butterflies to your garden. What’s more, the plant thrives in different soils. This means that you must not necessarily have the perfect soil conditions in your garden for the Russian Sage to look good.


    Most gardeners overlook this plant because it doesn’t have huge and showy flowers like most ornamental plants. However, magazines that provide lawn car maintenance tips highly recommend the Goldenrod because it has the ability to withstand dry conditions. In addition, it performs admirably in different soils. More often than less, the Goldenrod is regarded as a wild flower because it is mostly found in meadows, parks, and fields. Nonetheless. It can also increase the allure of your garden. Its flowers tend to bloom late in summer but last through fall. The plant similarly attracts bees, and butterflies.

    Your garden is incomplete without plants. These ornamental plants guarantee you an alluring garden because they not only grow admirably but are also easy to maintain. They are actually the kind of flowers that you will plant and forget about.

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