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    Low Maintenance Plants for Summer

    Watering, pruning, fertilizing, and pest control play a significant role as far as the health of your garden plants is concerned. By having reliable, beautiful, and low maintenance summer plants in your garden, you are guaranteed a healthy-looking garden throughout summer. Nonetheless, much focus has been on easy lawn care tips, something that makes many homeowners forget about plants that can thrive during summer. The following are low maintenance plants that can give your lawn that evergreen appearance throughout summer.

    Velvet Cloak Smoke Tree

    The velvet oak is a large deciduous shrub, which is renowned for its alluring and deep purple leaves. The tree produces gusts of pink flowers, especially in early summer. It blooms for longer beside having a repeated flowering cycle. What’s more, the plant tolerates salty environments to some extent. According to gardening publications on lawn care maintenance tips, this low maintenance plant adds effortless value to your garden.

    Jules Verne Peony

    This is a perennial herbaceous plant whose standout feature is its fragrant pink flowers. It grows up to a height of 32 inches. The plant does well in various climatic zones. You are advised to plant it in fill sunlight for it to perform well. It should similarly be planted in rich and well-drained soils besides being fertilized in spring. Jules Verne Peony is a long-flowering evergreen plant, which also comes in different varieties.


    With this low maintenance plant growing in your garden, you do not need to worry whether repeat flowering will occur or not. This is because it is a reliable grower, which offers your garden a splash of exceptional color and tranquility in summer. The star-shaped blooms of the Sedum plant attract butterflies and bees, something that turns your garden into a natural sanctuary for insects. Those who grow it in their gardens love the fact, despite its emergence in spring, it produces high-quality foliage deep into summer.

    Despite the nagging attraction about growing low maintenance plants that will thrive all summer long, you are advised to conduct a research about plants that are appropriate for your garden. This will help you avoid being lured by the descriptions of garden plants on the websites and nursery catalogs of sellers. By selecting the right plant, you are guaranteed a plush garden in summer and beyond at an affordable cost.

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