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    Plan Your Indianapolis Commercial Landscape Project Now

    Want to know a secret – now is the best time to plan your commercial landscape project. Although we provide snow removal services to commercial clients, winter is a fairly quiet time for landscaping. This makes it the perfect time to plan! Get on the schedule with a designer now so when the ground thaws, we can get busy!

    Besides, when you invest in your commercial property, tenants (and prospective tenants) take notice! Plan your landscaping project for spring now before schedules fill up! Did we mention we offer a complimentary consultation?

    Reasons to Plan Your Commercial Landscape Project Now

    Time and Season

    In our climate, most trees have lost their leaves by now. This makes it the perfect time to get a good view of the property without leafy growth obscuring your vision. Think of this as the time when you get a good “x-ray” of the property.

    Are there unsightly or unsafe cracks in hardscapes? Evaluate drainage issues. Where snow piles up. Does it reduce your parking spaces? Are there areas where ice is quick to form and slow to melt? Does it create a slip and fall hazard to residents or customers?

    Many safety and liability issues may be addressed with good planning, thoughtful expertise and a landscape project or two.

    Take advantage of the dormant planting season and plan your project with our team today. You’ll have a reserved spot on the schedule come spring when everyone else picks up the phone!

    Prune Season

    Winter is a great time to prune trees and shrubbery. Be careful, though – no one wants to get poked in the eye! Be mindful of over pruning and creating sharp twigs or branches at various eye levels.

    In many cases, this task is best left to commercial landscape professionals. They’ll bring the horticultural knowledge along with an “eye” toward liability concerns.

    Here Comes the Rain Again

    Stormwater and drainage management are central elements in commercial landscape design. Take the opportunity now before the combination of melted snow and ice with spring rains create problems. Water should drain away from the building and not pool in pedestrian areas.

    If you have low-lying areas with pavement or walkways, they’re bound to collect water and during the winter, ice. This creates an opportunity for injuries. Pedestrians may avoid these areas, even stepping into driving areas to go around mud or ice.

    This exacerbates the safety issues. Pedestrians should be kept away from driving lanes at every opportunity.

    Call the Professionals at Hittle Landscaping to Plan Your Next Landscape Project

    Call Hittle Landscaping today for a complimentary consultation. We love to hear your ideas for your Indianapolis property. We’ll marry our expertise and experience to them to turn your dreams into reality. Book your time with a designer now, so we can begin your landscape project this spring.

    For more than 40 years Hittle Landscaping has helped Central Indiana home and commercial clients improve their outdoor spaces.

    Whether it’s a welcoming entrance, landscape drainage solutions or a refreshed facade, Hittle Landscaping brings a wealth of experience to every project.

    Family-owned and operated, Hittle believes in core values of Honesty, Innovation, Thankfulness and Teamwork. How can we assist you today?

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