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    Pre-Summer Lawn Preparation Tips

    Nothing makes your Indianapolis home more inviting than a lush lawn during summer. The secret to giving your lawn that healthy appearance throughout summer lies in how you tend for it during earlier seasons. Proper pre-summer landscape design will make your lawn resistant to the scorching summer sun, heavy foot traffic, pest, and weeds. The following are some useful pre-summer lawn preparation tips that you should consider.

    Aerating the Lawn

    This is a crucial custom landscape practice, which promotes the formation of healthy root systems. Aeration helps plants on your lawn to breathe besides enabling nutrients and water to reach the roots more efficiently. This way, the plants are likely to survive the hot summer temperatures. It is advisable to aerate your lawn in early spring and autumn so that roots become strong before summer sets in.

    Remove Debris

    To ensure that your lawn remains healthy as summer sets in, you should remove all forms of debris that may have accumulated on the surface. Layers of decaying plant materials block sunlight besides preventing water from reaching plant roots. This ought to be done in late autumn and spring when the lawn starts showing signs of compaction.

    Fertilize the Yard

    Fertilizers supplement nutrients found in the soil, thus keeping plants thick and lush. Fertilizer should be applied bi-annually during your lawn’s peak growing seasons. To guarantee your lawn’s health during summertime, residential landscaping experts advice that you cut back on fertilizing one month before peak summer temperatures hit. You should fertilize your yard based on the type of grass growing in the garden. In addition, use fertilizer in moderate amounts because applying too much fertilizer increases soil toxicity besides hindering optimal growth.

    Reseeding Bare Patches

    This practice should be undertaken during the fall before your lawn’s peak growing season. It helps fill up bare patches on your lawn, thus giving it a uniform look. To reseed your lawn, dig the soil before spreading the seeds evenly on the bare spots. To guarantee optimal growth, use water the reseeded spot normally besides using a standard fertilizer. After germination, all nitrogenous fertilizer to enhance robust growth.

    Regular and Uniform Mowing

    Mowing the lawn regularly and uniformly is another important pre-summer lawn maintenance practice. Every time you undertake this practice, ensure that you do it in different patterns. In addition, you should avoid cutting more than a third of the grass. Use mowers that have sharp blades to enhance uniformity. Pre-summer mowing helps strengthen the root systems besides making plants on your lawn sturdier.

    Besides the aforementioned pre-summer lawn preparation tips, you need to know when it is the right time to fertilize your lawn, and when to control common lawn weeds. When undertaking all these practices, you should keep in mind that they help enhance maximum root growth, which paves way for uniform growth. Generally, healthy soils, and proper mowing, watering and fertilizing go a long way in helping you have a robust lawn during summer.

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