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    Tips to Protect Winter Hardscapes in Indianapolis

    Don’t miss these tips to protect winter hardscapes from the harsh conditions that the cold weather brings. Winter temperatures can be harsh not just on your plants, shrubs, trees and lawn. Your winter hardscapes can be damaged when ice and snow arrive. A few common sense tips can help protect winter hardscapes from costly damage this year.

    Essential Tip to Protect Winter Hardscapes #1

    Know what de-icer you should be using. The temptation to grab a powerful deicer to break through an icy walkway is strong but be sure to consider the damage strong chemicals can have on your hardscapes. Protect winter hardscapes by using the right deicer compounds for your home’s exterior. Calcium-based products and natural rock salts can provide the ice-dissolving power you need but will also help avoid damage to your hardscape. Do, however, be sure to avoid salt-based products for concrete surfaces.

    Essential Tip to Protect Winter Hardscapes #2

    Snow shoveling technique. When the first snowfall covers your outdoor world, you grab your shovel and get to work clearing a path – it’s par for the course in winter. Protect winter hardscapes by avoiding the metal shovel that can scratch, crack and cause serious damage to your hardscapes.

    Essential Tip to Protect Winter Hardscapes #3

    Note these sealing tips. Sealants can protect winter hardscapes as well as provide a layer of year-round protection. Sealants are beneficial to the longevity of your driveways, pavers and concrete hardscapes. Before winter gets too cold, take a few moments and add a quality sealant to your hardscape surfaces for lasting protection.

    Essential Tip to Protect Winter Hardscapes #4

    Store it away. Before the harshest days of winter arrive, take stock of your home or business’s exterior. Storing away anything that can feasibly be stored is an easy way to help avoid the severe winter elements and protect winter hardscapes.

    Whether it turns out to be a mild winter or a season of lots of snow and ice, the cold is inevitable. In addition to winter clothing and the festive seasons that take place toward the end of the year, we also need to pay attention to the ways we protect winter hardscapes that are essential to our exterior living space. A few preventive measures will help avoid damage that can cost money and create larger issues with your garden’s hardscapes.

    Hittle Landscaping can provide advice on how to prep your landscape for the winter weather. We’ve been offering high-quality landscaping services to the Indianapolis area for over forty years. The professionals at Hittle can assist with your residential landscaping needs as well as commercial landscaping including winter hardscape projects, upkeep and maintenance.

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