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    How to Select the Right Perennials

    Selecting the right perennials for your yard goes a long way in increasing the aesthetic value of your home. Perennial flowers bloom annually thus negating the need to replace them every year. The flowers typically blossom for 2 to 4 weeks. Since they come in different varieties, you should consider having them in your garden. Here is what you should keep in mind when selecting the best perennials for gardens in the Midwest.

    Type of Soil

    You should know your soil since it determines the type of flowers that can grow in your garden. For instance, lavender thrives in soils that have good drainage but perform poorly is heavy soils that have poor drainage. On the other hand, moisture-loving perennial flowers such as ligularia thrive in heavy soils. You should keep this in mind before you plant flowers in spring.


    Most perennials thrive in the Upper Midwest during summers. Nonetheless, others find it hard to cope in the hot and humid temperatures that characterize summer. Also, most perennials become dormant during winter. For this reason, you should choose plants that can withstand extreme winter and summer temperatures. Before choosing perennials for your garden, consider going through the USDA Hardiness Zone Map so that you make an informed choice.

    Plant Qualities

    Different people grow flowers for different reasons. You should look beyond the aesthetic value of the perennial plants by also picking out important plant qualities that might be beneficial to you. After mapping out the growing conditions of your yard, make a list of plant qualities that are desirable to you. This may include the plants’ ability to attract bees and birds, or their ability to be cut for bouquets.
    After establishing these qualities, it will be easier for you to choose perennials that best match them. In addition, perennials require an average of six to eight hours of sunlight during the gardening season for them to stay in full bloom. This highlights the importance of getting plants that can withstand the existing light conditions on your garden.

    The obvious rule of the thumb as far as gardening is concerned is ensuring that you choose the right vegetation. Therefore, you must endeavor to take stock of your locality’s climate, soil condition, and other relevant plant quality factors. This will help you paint your garden with colorful perennials that only grow richer over the years.

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