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    Planning Commercial Landscape Services For Spring

    For commercial landscape pros, between fall cleanup and snow removal, there is time to plan for future projects including spring landscape services. Because Indiana winters can be cold and long, it’s an excellent time to meet with our team. We can design your next project or to discuss a renovation of your current space.

    Commercial landscape services are a necessity for businesses and HOAs. The external appearance of your facility speaks volumes about you.

    A well-maintained landscape can attract customers as well as demonstrate your attention to detail and commitment to the community. When considering commercial landscape services, start by meeting with our designer to create a plan.

    Considerations for Landscape Services

    Choice of Plants

    After you come up with a general idea about what you want to create, you will need to decide on the types of plants you want to use. Native plants are a more environmentally friendly option. Plus it means less maintenance for you.

    Native plants grow better, are heartier, and complement the surroundings better than non-native species. This means less watering, fertilization and worry on your part.

    Another consideration when choosing plants is variety. Vary plants in size, shape, and texture. You will also want to plan your focal points and filler plants in your design.

    Does this sound like a lot? It is! This is where experts in landscape services shine. These people have a natural eye for what looks good together, and can lend their talent to your space.


    There are a couple of considerations when it comes to color. You want your landscape to be pleasing to the eye, so you will want to choose complementary-color plants. Add variety in color and height to create an overall landscape design to enhance, not distract from the area.

    In addition to pleasant colors, you may want to focus on a color theme. Is your logo red? Perhaps you want to include lots of red, flowering plants in your landscape design. Is your logo purple?

    Maybe you want to stay away from red to prevent distraction from your logo. Perhaps yellow, purple’s opposite on the color wheel, is the best choice.

    Again, these are considerations your professional landscape services professional provides.

    Structures and Water Features

    Landscape design services are not strictly plants and trees. It is so much more! Consider adding outdoor seating to your landscape design. Maybe you would like a water feature to greet your clients as they enter your building.

    Perhaps you want a statue or other representative of your industry embedded in your design.

    This is where landscape services can really help. Experts recommend features to enhance your space and draw attention to your business.

    Hittle: Your Indianapolis Expert for Landscape Services

    At Hittle, our commitment to our customers coupled with our years of experience means we provide an expert design, meeting all of your goals.

    When the winter weather hits, start dreaming of your lush summer landscaping and call Hittle to make those dreams come true!

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