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    Spring Maintenance Overview

    It’s only a matter of weeks before we’ll be back in the great outdoors, so we decided there’s no time like the present to begin preparing for the to-do list that’s soon to arrive.  Rather than get overwhelmed from the beginning, we recommend breaking that long list of seasonal chores down by type and season – to keep your sanity and to keep your landscaping the talk of the neighborhood.  Ready to tackle spring maintenance?

    Spring Lawn Maintenance

    • Fertilize lightly once snow has melted.
    • Repair dead patches.
    • If crabgrass is problematic, treat with a pre-emergent herbicide (place down around the time forsythia blooms in your area).
    • Revive weak lawns by dethatching and aerating.

    Spring Irrigation Maintenance

    • Check controller settings, watering frequency and duration.
    • Run through each station manually to ensure adequate coverage and that there are no leaks.

    Spring Plant Maintenance

    • Remove old mulch and re-mulch at the base of trees and shrubs.
    • Prune and clean up dead, broken, or diseased branches.
    • Prune summer-flowering shrubs (leave spring bloomers alone until after they bloom).
    • Rake, fertilize, and trim groundcovers.
    • Remove any dead shrubs or groundcovers.
    • Amend soil with organic matter.
    • Prune and plant roses.
    • Divide overcrowded perennials.
    • Plant fruit trees and shrubs; fertilize several weeks before bloom with a fruit-tree plant food.
    • Prune vines growing over arbors and trellises.
    • Cut back spring bulb foliage as it yellows.

    Spring Hardscape Maintenance

    • Clean wooden decks; protect with sealant or stain as needed.
    • Move furniture out of storage; clean and repaint as needed.
    • Repair cracks in paved areas.
    • Organize the garden shed.
    • Replace wiring and bulbs as needed on outdoor fixtures.
    • Sharpen lawn mower and pruning tools.

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