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    Great Time to Plan Landscape Improvements for Indianapolis Homes

    As experts in landscape improvements, we consider the outdoor spaces of your home to be as important as the insides. There’s so much to gain from a welcoming entry as you pull in the driveway or wind down in a comfy backyard retreat.

    If you’re ready to tackle projects you’ve dreamt about or projects you’ve put off, call us now. This is a great time to plan landscape improvements for spring. Too many people wait until after the last frost to call and by then our schedule is booked!

    Popular Landscape Improvements for Indianapolis Residents

    Backyard Entertaining

    Love the beach? Install your own oasis with a thoughtful design from Hittle Landscaping. Maybe you already have a pool but you’d like to upgrade the entertaining space surrounding it. Maybe the kids are a bit older and you’d like to take back the pool area from the water wings and floaties.

    With Hittle Landscaping we can install hardscapes like a stone pathway, water features or fire pits. Facilitate conversation with hardscapes like sitting walls which double as seating.

    Revitalize your space with an outdoor kitchen or bar. Is your taste more Margaritaville, German brewery or Napa wine tasting? We can handle it all!

    We’ll recommend various softscapes like trees, shrubs, vines and other plants to complete the vision.

    Bring the Indoors Out

    If you have a patio, we can build a pergola or an overhead shelter. Enjoy your space even on baking hot sunny days or the occasional summer shower.

    Provide a space to install a weather-friendly television and weather-resistant couches for watching sports. Love nature? Let us create a cozy space to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning while you watch the local wildlife.

    Landscape Improvements to Improve Your Indianapolis Property

    Whether you’re the first owner or you’ve purchased a historic home, there’s probably a list of projects you’ve been meaning to complete. Perhaps it’s a cracked and potentially unsafe sidewalk or patio steps. Perhaps rainy springs over the years necessitate a retaining wall.

    Hittle can handle anything on your to-do list. We can restore existing hardscapes to their former glory. We can also infuse character into a so-so patio, deck or walkway.

    Let’s hear about your likes and dislikes. Then let’s talk about what you wish it was like. Love the simplicity of east Asian gardens or of Danish modern? Love period English dramas and the cultivated or whimsical gardens?

    Whatever your preference, our designers will celebrate it in a professional design customized for you.

    Call the Professionals at Hittle Landscaping for Your Landscape Improvements

    Call Hittle Landscaping today for a complimentary consultation. We love to hear your ideas. We’ll marry our expertise and experience to them to turn your dreams into reality. Book your time with a designer now so we can begin your landscape improvements this spring.

    For more than 40 years Hittle Landscaping has helped Central Indiana home and commercial clients improve their outdoor spaces.

    Whether it’s a welcoming entrance, a backyard retreat, or new entertaining and living spaces, Hittle Landscaping brings a wealth of experience to every project.

    Family-owned and operated, Hittle believes in Honesty, Innovation, Thankfulness and Teamwork. How can we assist you today?

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