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    Top Commercial Landscaping Tips For Your Business

    If you maintain a business, read on to learn top tips for commercial landscaping. The right choices with landscaping tips can bring more people to your business and enhance your image.

    Conversely, the wrong choices with landscaping can negate the hard work you’ve invested in your business or commercial venture. At Hittle Landscaping, we love sharing landscaping tips with residential and commercial clients to get the most from their property.

    #1 in Hittle’s Commercial Landscaping Tips – Attract the Right Attention

    First, the right combination of softscapes like trees, shrubs and plants can attractively frame the entrance and public spaces. Just be sure you don’t obscure your building from view. You want your visitors to find you!

    Second, allow the landscaping to direct traffic to the preferred public entrance. Use hardscapes like pathways and low walls to provide a path or discourage traffic through more private areas.

    Finally, attract the right attention with aesthetically-pleasing plants and ongoing maintenance.

    If your landscaping is neglected, it draws the wrong attention. Overgrown plants, weeds or insect infestations in trees suggest the owner is absent or worse, does not care. It does not inspire trust for a positive customer experience.

    #2 in Hittle’s Commercial Landscaping Tips – Light the Way

    You may not have a business which serves customers at night. Even an industrial office complex, should have professional landscape lighting for both safety and security. You may have employees who arrive before the sun comes up and some who leave after it sets, especially during winter months.

    Consider lighting pathways to prevent falls. Also think about parking areas which may be even darker at night due to shade, fencing, dumpsters or mature trees. They may need more attention, especially if employees are asked to dispose of trash or transport financial deposits.

    Good lighting also showcases architecture, landscape features and generally raises the value of the property.

    #3 in Hittle’s Commercial Landscaping Tips – Add Personality

    If you compete for customers or tenants, use your landscaping to add to your appeal. Imagine a restaurant with the same food everyone else has. Imagine the hostess led you to a folding table and cold metal folding chairs. Picture the walls as white or worse, dirty. There are plenty of other places to eat, right?

    If you’re choosing to patronize a business or rent commercial space, you may feel the same way. Many office complexes look the same, stand out from the other concrete and brick “boxes” with attention to landscaping including both hardscapes and softscapes.

    Use a cobblestone walkway to create charm. Is your property a medical or assisted living facility? Employ wider sidewalks to enable guests to walk side by side. Provide benches to rest while waiting for a car pick up.

    Is it an office building. Benches, pergolas and other seating allow employees to enjoy a respite of nature or lunch outdoors.

    Personality may be displayed in color choices too. Is your corporate logo orange? Use orange tulips in spring, marigolds or daylilies in the summer and chrysanthemums in the fall.

    #4 in Hittle’s Landscaping Tips – Use our Complimentary Consultation

    Whether you’re interested in residential or commercial, we’re eager to get to know you and your landscaping needs. For more than 40 years, we’ve brought our landscaping tips and expertise in thoughtful landscaping, lighting and design to customers throughout Indiana.

    Locally-owned and operated, Hittle Landscaping applies our trademark attention to detail to every challenge. Interested in more than landscaping tips for your property? Call today for a complimentary design consultation with our team. 

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