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    Why You Shouldn’t Mow the Lawn Every Week

    Many homeowners strive to make their lawn resemble the putting green at their neighborhood golf course. This is not really a good idea for your own yard. Cutting the grass too short is harmful and special treatment is necessary to achieve a putting green type effect. Golf courses also use different types of grass for this dramatic result. However, devoting some time and care to your lawn will result in a nicely manicured yard. Here are several lawn care tips to help you get started:

    Be Flexible — Grass will grow at a faster rate in the spring than it will in mid-summer, due to the temperature differences and other factors. Adjust your cutting schedule accordingly. Having a set day every week regardless of the time of year is not always the best approach. Examining the lawn each week and noting how long the grass is at that time will yield much better results. There may be times when cutting every week is necessary and other times when a two week interval will yield a nicer lawn.

    Advantages of Longer Grass — Grass cut too short can start to become pale or brown and may take a long time to bring back to a healthy green color. The easiest way to prevent this from happening is make sure your mower’s cutting blade is not set too low. Letting your lawn grow a little bit longer is a better technique than the ultra-short option. Many experts recommend leaving grass slightly longer in spring in the upper mid-west region and adjusting cutting times according to the amount of rainfall.

    Damaged Grass Repair — If you have noticed yellow or brown spots starting to appear, leaving the grass slightly longer until this fades can help to bring the color back to normal. You can adjust the blade back to the normal cutting length later after the color returns. Make sure you are not over-fertilizing as well, which may be causing yellow or bare spots.

    Other Considerations for a Healthy Lawn — Keeping your lawn mower blade sharp is important to avoid ripping and tearing the grass instead of a clean cut. Most experts recommend sharpening the blade once a year, either right before or right after the cutting season. This is a good time to tune up your mower and change the oil to ensure there are no problems during summer when you don’t want a breakdown. Watering is another necessity if you do not have an irrigation system. A thorough watering less often is more beneficial than a quick treatment every day.

    Every lawn is different, so use these tips as a guideline and make adjustments for your own lawn. A well-maintained lawn can add a great deal to the appeal of your property, along with increasing the value of your home. You will find yourself spending more enjoyable time outdoors with friends and family.

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