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    Your Winter Foliage Guide

    Just like you, your landscape changes its look to suit the four seasons each year. To keep your landscaping looking amazing year-round, you have many options even in the coldest months of the year. Winter foliage choices abound, but if you need help getting started, the experts at Hittle Landscaping can guide you with these tips on winter foliage for year-long beauty in your outdoor space.

    Your winter foliage guide for year-round beauty in your landscape:

    Evergreen Viburnum – Pronounced Vie-BUR-num, Viburnums are usually shrubs with varietals growing up to 20 feet tall or dwarf options are under three feet tall. These dense, compact shrubs enhance your exterior with pointed green leaves edged with creamy yellow and add color with clusters of red flowers in late winter and spring. Viburnums are semi-evergreen in colder climates, only losing their leaves when temperatures dip below 10° F.

    Holly – Common holly, Ilex aquifolium, enhances your winter foliage with shiny, evergreen leaves. It can add flair as a specimen tree, a clipped bush or a hedge. There are many varietals of holly to choose from, and most options can produce red berries adding color to your garden from late autumn to mid-winter. 

    Snowdrops – Contradictory to their delicate name, Snowdrops are actually tough-as-nails plants that aren’t afraid to bloom even through snow. Even when you’re in the dead of winter, these beauties will add to your garden with tiny alabaster buds dangling from an arching stem.

    Winterberry – Another version of holly, this winter foliage loses its leaves in late fall and is followed by bright red berries to add a touch of contrast and color to your winter landscape.

    Witch Hazel – Offering the beauty and ambiance of fragrance during the summer months, Witch Hazel offers even more in the midst of winter with beautiful red and yellow flowers making it a perfect choice for winter foliage as well as year-round enjoyment.

    Camellia – If you are looking to add blossoming color to your winter foliage, Camellia is an excellent choice. Rose-like blossoms appear in the middle of January. This hearty plant offers thick green leaves and can grow ten feet tall.

    Your winter garden doesn’t have to wait for the other seasons to arrive to take your breath away. Many plants thrive even in the coldest calendar months, and your enjoyment of the exterior of your home can last 365 days! Hittle Landscaping is here to help you every season with a team of professionals that has a deep understanding winter foliage.

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