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    Winter is here; Time to hardscape!

    With the leaves gone and no grass to look after, winter frees you up to take a closer look at a key component of your home’s exterior, your hardscapes. During these cold months, it’s the perfect time to assess your hardscaping. Is there anything that’s outdated, worn out or missing? A fresh set of winter eyes can help you update and spruce up your hardscaping. Hittle Landscaping, of course, is here to help with some of the latest hardscaping trends to get the creative juices flowing.

    Trending Now – Winter Hardscapes:

    • Fire pits with seat walls and benches – This trend never gets old. On cool fall nights and in the middle of winter, a gathering around the fire pit is always a perfect addition.
    • Outdoor kitchens, bars and entertainment areas – More than just an outdoor grilling area, this is a true extension of the home’s interior. Think, bringing all the comforts of the indoors into the open air.
    • Pergolas – Providing the function of shade coupled with aesthetics and design, pergolas are increasingly popular with homeowners wishing to add something special to their landscape.
    • Water features for ambiance and relaxation – A feeling of zen and tranquility is on demand and easy to create even in your own backyard with water features added to your hardscape.

    There are many great reasons to look at hardscape additions or improvements during the winter season, including:

    • Fast Completion – Your landscaping partner’s production times are bound to be shorter during the winter months as well as the permitting departments are often less bogged down making the process faster and easier.
    • Winter Hardscapes Just In Time.  Fire pits and outdoor heating features such as heat lamps can make enjoying the outdoors this winter pleasurable. Roasting marshmallows and enjoying mulled wine around the fire pit…that’s something you’ll want to make happen before the first thaw of spring.
    • Winter benefits.  Your winter hardscape project offers the benefit of a permeable surface which usually comes with better drainage. This moist environment allows for easier installation.

    If updating your hardscape is on the agenda this winter, be sure to work with a landscaping partner that understands the nuances of working in colder temps. As a leading landscaper in the greater Indianapolis area since 1973, Hittle Landscaping has the know-how to work in cold temps to complete a winter hardscape project that will exceed every expectation.

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