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    Finding Curb Appeal Through Winter Landscape Ideas

    Most people run out of landscape ideas when the cold Indiana weather hits. Don’t worry, your landscaping doesn’t have to go from a beautiful assortment of color to a bleak, empty space until spring.

    With a little planning, you can enjoy your landscaping year round. From red osier dogwood to plume grass and bayberries, we have lots of landscape ideas to prepare your yard for a winter wonderland of color.

    Landscape Ideas: Focus on Colorful Plants

    There are plenty of plants with beautiful color during the cool and cold months. All it takes is some planning to include those in your landscape ideas for beautiful winter color.

    Color does not just come from leaves. For example, the red osier dogwood has beautiful dark red branches with vibrant purple leaves in the fall. Plume grass adds dramatic height and year-round texture to a landscape. Including a variety of plants with berries adds tiny pops of color to an otherwise monochromatic landscape.

    Strategically incorporate these plants into new or existing landscaping. You’ll find they add a richness to your space which changes with the seasons.

    Landscape Ideas: Refill Summer Planters

    Summer planters do not all have to hide in the garage or shed until it is time for spring planting. Refill those planters!

    Whether you light a small evergreen or a bouquet of cabbages and kales, you can incorporate color and texture to your landscaping with your planters and decorative items year round.

    We can provide suggestions to complement your current landscape ideas. Planters can also be changed out throughout the winter and color can be incorporated with a holiday or just to match the other color in your space.

    Landscape Ideas: Use Hardscapes and Structures

    When considering landscape ideas for your space, do not discount hard structures such as benches, trellis, arbors and sculptures. Winter is a good time to review your space and see what’s missing. Hardscapes are low maintenance and provide an additional depth to your cold-weather design.

    We can help you identify holes in your landscaping and prepare a plan to meet your needs. Our team has created every type of hardscape you can imagine and can expertly customize landscape ideas to your space.

    Landscape Ideas: Don’t Discount Evergreens

    Some perceive evergreens as dated or overused in landscaping. Landscapers have been using them for years, for good reason! They are hearty, low maintenance and add dimension to any landscape.

    Our experts can put together a plan to maximize the effect of these landscaping winners. They add a lovely green to an otherwise brown and boring winter landscape.

    Let Hittle Customize Landscape Ideas for You!

    Whether your goal is a complete landscape renovation or you would just like landscape ideas to better use your space during the cooler months, Hittle can help!

    We have over 40 years experience providing knowledgeable and customer-focused landscape solutions in Indiana. We are confident our expertise can help you design a beautiful and colorful winter landscape.

    Contact us today for a free quote and you will be well on your way to a beautiful yard all year long.

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