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    Is Your Landscape Winterized?

    Winter weather is here, and with the cold, dry winds come a multitude of challenges for your winter landscape. Winterizing landscapes can protect your lawn, shrubs, hardscapes as well as irrigation systems. Hittle Landscaping, a leading landscaper in the greater Indianapolis since 1973, has compiled a few tips to assist you with winterizing landscapes.

    Easy Tips for Winterizing Landscapes

    It’s summer get ready for the cold weather. The last thing you’ll be thinking about in the dog days of summer is winterizing landscapes but when the secret is winterization starts in late summer and early autumn. Withholding fertilizer during this time period helps prevent plants and shrubs from initiating excessive new growth that won’t have adequate time to harden off before winter, leaving them vulnerable to cold weather problems.

    Temps dropping? Get out and mulch. One aspect of winterizing your landscape includes adding a mulch layer around plants which creates a protective layer for the soil and plants from frost. The best choice for your winterizing efforts will be a loose, non-compacting type of mulch. 

    Clear away the debris. De-clutter is not just an activity to undertake during spring cleaning. When it’s time for winterizing landscapes, clearing away plant debris and leaves before the coldest season is vital to prevent mold and fungus growth occuring beneath the frost and snow. Old stems and leaves remaining in place through winter can provide hiding places for diseases and pests.

    Check your irrigation systems. Before winter arrives in full force, it’s a good idea to have your landscaping partner take a look at your irrigation systems. Your landscaping company will understand what winterizing landscape steps you should be taking.

    Holiday wrapping. Winterizing landscapes may require wrapping your more delicate shrubs and plants using a breathable fabric. Another option is spraying them with an anti-desiccant to keep branches from breaking due to the weight of snow or drying out in the harsh winter winds.

    Winterizing landscapes isn’t hard but offers many benefits to the health of your garden. A few commonsense activities done in advance can protect your plants, shrub and trees as well as keep them looking wonderful all winter long.

    The experienced team at Hittle Landscaping can take the burden of winterizing landscapes off your long to-do list. With expertise in getting landscapes ready to face long Midwest winters, count on this team to help your plants, tree, shrubs and irrigation systems face the cold.

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