For this client, the Hittle Landscaping team was tasked with creating an open concept entertainment space for friends and family.

We started with a breathable patio, perfect for outdoor living room furniture, games, or whatever the family needs. The pergola covering the space was a great way to provide a bit of shade without making the space feel closed-in. To add light to the space, we used string lights that wouldn’t distract from the simple and openness of the pergola. Adding a custom fireplace to the outdoor space was an easy way to add a featured element that gives the area a more cozy feel while making the space more versatile and usable year-round. To create a cohesive look and feel, the front and side yard were made to match the beauty of the new backyard oasis. Plants were added to create a sense of privacy and intimacy in the otherwise open area.

The family is going to be able to use this space multiple ways throughout the year, always having room for family and friends. If you’re looking to expand your outdoor living space, give the experts at Hittle Landscaping a call. Our designers will create a space that you continue to enjoy year after year.

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