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    Redesign Your Backyard for Outdoor Entertaining

    Have a big event this summer perfect for outdoor entertaining? Perhaps you’ll have a high school or college graduate this year or next and want to host a party. Maybe you want your house to be THE place where neighbors congregate for July 4th. Or maybe you want a cozy, comfortable space to gather for book club or for couple dinners.

    Let Hittle help you with personalized, professional outdoor entertaining designs!

    Decks and Patios: Foundations of Outdoor Entertaining

    Whether you have an existing structure or hardscapes, we can adapt, or tear it down. We can handle whatever needs to be done in order to create the outdoor entertaining space you deserve.

    Consider a multi-tier deck or a stamped concrete patio. A multi-tier deck can create “zones,” similar to interior design. If you’ve watched design shows, you’ve probably heard of interior designers using rugs or grouped seating arrangements to create “zones” in a large room.

    It helps guests, even subconsciously, move toward these zones for conversation or other specific activities. As “great rooms” and open floor plans grew in popularity, designers found in some cases, guests didn’t know where to go and felt uncomfortable.

    Whether you have expansive grounds or limited space outdoors, hardscapes like patios and decks make the most of it and guide guests to specific areas. If you have a large property, tiered decks or winding paths lead guests to various planting groups or other zones like a water feature or firepit.

    Softscapes Create Privacy and Decor for Outdoor Entertaining

    Use softscapes like vine plants with a trellis or even grasses like bamboo to create a privacy screen. Trees add value to your property as well. With a professional plan from a Hittle Landscaping designer, you can have a four-season garden.

    Your designer will tailor plants to your home’s architectural style, soil and needs to give you year-round color and texture.

    Love fresh flowers in the house or when you entertain? Incorporate a cutting garden for tulip bulbs or other favorite blooms. A current trend encourages a “living” runner at parties. This can be flowers from your garden or edibles like cheese, crackers and crudites.

    If you include an herb garden in your plans, you can serve popular herb-infused waters. These refreshing drinks are trending strong. Provide a “water” bar with various fruits and herbs to add flavor and color.

    Call the Experts at Hittle Landscaping to Expand Your Outdoor Entertaining Options

    Call Hittle Landscaping today for a complimentary consultation. We love to hear your ideas. We combine our experience and expertise to turn your dreams into reality. So if you want to be ready for summer outdoor entertaining, book your time with a designer now.

    For more than 40 years Hittle Landscaping has helped Central Indiana home and commercial clients improve their outdoor entertaining options.

    Whether you’re entertaining the neighbors or 250 wedding guests, Hittle Landscaping brings a wealth of experience to every project.

    After all, as a family-owned and operated business, Hittle believes in Honesty, Innovation, Thankfulness and Teamwork. How can we assist you today?

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